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£ 12.50 each Grozier Pliers Good quality grozier pliers. Jaws are sprung in the open position. The jaws are... more

£ 15.00 each Lead Knife Cutting knife for lead came.  The knife has a curved blade which allows... more

£ 11.00 each Lead Vice Spring action to hold lead in place whilst stretching.  Can be fixed to a... more

£ 9.50 each Carbarundum Stone Hand grinding stone used to remove sharp edges from cut glass and helps to... more

£ 2.00 each All Nova Fid Tool Great tool used to open the lead came and remove cement from came.  A very... more

£ 1.85 each Straight Fid Great multi-purpose tool that can be used for lead work and copper tape.... more

£ 4.60 each Tallow Flux used with lead came.  Rub a little onto joints of came in order for... more

£ 3.45 each Whiting Mops up excess linseed oil from cement and helps clean the glass

£ 46.50 each Leading Tool Kit Kit contains - Glass cutter, Groziers, lead vice and lead knife

£ 9.80 each Black Lead Came Polish Use a small amount to brush over the cames.  Brush in the direction of the... more

£ 16.00 each Glass Cutter Oil fed glass cutting tool.  Can be refilled with oil and the cutting head... more

£ 1.25 each Copper Wire 0.9mm copper wire to make hooks and fixings for stained glass pieces. Length... more

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